Why ‘Turalt’?

Turalt is named in honour of Alan Turing - a hero of ours and a brilliant scientist who gave us the foundations of AI. The Turing Test required us to think about what qualities of a text-based conversation would reflect a human initiator? We strongly believe that empathy would be one of those qualities. Empathy is a fundamental digital literacy skill we need to support and strengthen.

Alan was a victim of prejudice, prosecuted for being gay. Turalt stands for diversity, works for inclusivity and promotes empathy for all. As a company, Turalt is part of society, and we actively work to ensure our employees represent all in society.

We believe empathy is at the heart of all communication, and that technology can help us become more effective in increasing our empathy and emotional intelligence in the digital world. Our mission is to use our ‘technology of empathy’ to help humans be more human online. Our passion is to make the world a more empathic place.

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