Turalt – the technology of empathy provides a range of technology-based solutions to improve empathy and interpersonal communications in the workplace. Turalt has a simple philosophy: that technology can help people use empathy more effectively in their professional and personal lives.

Dr Chris McKillop

Chief Executive Officer

Chris has a passion for learning and brings over 15 years’ experience of working to improve learning in universities and the workplace. She has a degree in artificial intelligence and a PhD in education, where she investigated and developed techniques to understand the emotional dimensions of learning.

Her expertise includes educational technology, qualitative research, and a person-centred approach to training and personal development.

Her background in the cognitive sciences and educational sector enable Chris to empathize with the challenges people face with workplace communication and to research and develop targeted solutions to deliver real impact in the workplace. Connect with Chris at: chris.mckillop@turalt.com.

Dr Stuart Watt

Chief Technology Officer

Stuart has worked at the cutting edge of computing and psychology for more than 25 years and is a leading expert in technology to enhance email.

He has developed a range of technologies that use psychological insights into organizational processes to improve email practice.

He has a PhD in theory of mind — the psychology of how people understand one another — and uses this to develop technologies that improve social interaction in the workplace.

This unique experience enables Stuart to research and develop the tools and services unique to turalt that will enable your company to improve and enhance its communication.

Connect with Stuart at: stuart.watt@turalt.com.

Dr Malcolm Clark

Data Scientist

Malcolm has a PhD in cognitive science, where he studied structure in texts, in particular looking at how people skim, read, and extract relevant information from emails. He has experience in both software development for information retrieval, and in experimental research on human information use.

Connect with Malcolm at: malcolm.clark@turalt.com.