Learn your effectiveness as a digital communicator

Take the Email Edge™ Psychometric to get a profile report on your effectiveness as a communicator. Find out what might be stopping others from understanding you and learn how to write emails with influence.

The Email Edge Psychometric

The Email Edge™ Psychometric is our innovative assessment that helps many aspects of interpersonal communication in the workplace. See the brochure for more information

  • Reduce email misunderstandings
  • Send emails with the right tone
  • Improve effectiveness of team emails
  • Identify strengths and development areas
  • Talent acquisition version also available

The Assessment

Taking the online assessment is easy: it is entirely self-administered. It normally takes only 15 minutes to measure:

  • How you see your communication style
  • How you write emails in different situations
  • How you react to other people's emails

Our groundbreaking assessment technology is secure and doesn't need access to your email. It uses email scenarios to ensure the assessment has validity in the workplace.

The Profile Report

Your personalized profile report (see a sample) contains more than 20 pages of interpretative content and graphics, using rigorous statistical analysis supplemented by an advanced interpretation system using artificial intelligence technology. It covers:

  • How you relate to others in your workplace through email
  • How you use email at a task and an emotional level
  • How you react to people's emails in positive and negative situations

The report also contains a customized action plan, highlighting key areas to develop and strengthen, based on your profile. The talent acquisition report version focuses on team integration and onboarding.

Reduce email understandings and send emails with the right tone