Get real-time analysis and personal insights on your email communication

Bring the technology of empathy to your email with our Email Edge for Gmail. Ensure the clarity and tone of your message gets across.

Bring empathy to your email with Email Edge for Gmail

Uses theories of how people communicate and work within an organization to help you understand how the recipient will perceive your messages.

Uses artificial intelligence to give you real-time feedback and advice on your email, and its impact on others, as you write.

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Inside Email Edge for Gmail

Our technology of empathy brings together the human side of artificial intelligence with cognitive models to increase the effectiveness of your business communication.

Email Edge for Gmail gives you:

  • Personal analytics -- see the big picture with weekly and monthly trends and analytics about your email use.
  • Cognitive and psycholinguistic models -- uses research results and data to add depth to feedback and insights.
  • Instant, real-time feedback -- get insights into the impact of your business communications, within your email system, as you write.

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