What is Open Mentor?

Open Mentor is a learning support tool for tutors that provides reflective comments on their assessment of and feedback to students, resulting from the marking of their students' electronic assessments.

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How does it work in practice?

Open Mentor provides tutors with guidance by analysing the comments they make and grouping them in four major categories.

  • Category A: Positive Reactions
  • Category B: Teaching Points
  • Category C: Questions
  • Category D: Negative Reactions

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What can it tell you?

Open Mentor can provide you with indicators of the following relationships:

When can it be used?

Open Mentor can be used for example to:

Where to go next - Upload assignments
Use this to add new files to Open Mentor, so that they can be analysed in detail later on.
Where to go next - View reports
Use this to view reports and examine the analyses done by Open Mentor in more detail.